Hey guys, welcome to my blog! This is where you will see my most recent work as well as what's going on in my life, crazy path down Mommy-hood, and what's going through my mind and in my heart. My goal is to share something REAL... true life whether it be through my pictures or just sharing with you my day to day thoughts (which by the way goes a million miles a minute and is always coming up with crazy, new, fun ideas). So kick back, take you time, grab some snacks (Swedish fish is my favorite), stay a while and feel free to come in and leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by!

About Jennifer

Hello my name is Jennifer but I go by "Mama" most of the time. I am a Mommy to two amazingly beautiful children and a wife to my soul mate. They have been my GREATEST blessings!!!!

My husband Carlos is my lobster!!!! He is quite, kind, gentle, loving, the BEST father... he is truly an amazing man. Carlos Manuel (known as BC "Baby Carlos") is full of energy and has a smile that is known to pull you in (his dimples are to die for). He loves loves loves to play, laugh, and dance! He has the kindest sweetest heart you'll EVER know. Sophia Arelis is my Princess!!!! She has a warmth about her that is gentle and sweet. Once you meet her, you are guaranteed to leave with this overwhelming feeling of what the true meaning of LOVE is.

Now the hardest part... talking about ME. I am following a dream in hopes of becoming a great photographer. Becoming a photographer was definitely on my "to-do" list but to be honest I just never had the funds to be able to get a good camera and venture out to do it. I must have been driving my husband crazy with the idea because finally on Mother's day he surprised me with the best gift... my camera! I have finally decided that it's now or never... I need to do this for me!

Some quick notes on me:
  • I love the sound of my kids giggle.
  • I use the word SERIOUSLY and FABULOUS like it's going out of style.
  • My favorite shows are Grey's, Friends, Sex in the City and King of Queens (seriously this one cant match us better... Hello he works for "IPS") :)
  • Christmas is my FAVORITE Holiday EVER (like to the point where I look forward to it all year long).
  • I have a thing with using (...) for some reason, don't ask me why.
  • I love the smell of a newborn.
  • Every night before I go to bed I MUST go into my kids room and watch them sleep for a little bit.
  • My heart skips a beat every time I think about my family.
  • I love to hang out with family and friends.
  • I love to play dress up but to be honest most days you'll find me in sweats and a tee shirt!

That about sums it up for me. I know that this isn't going to be an easy path but I know that with God, my family, and friends supporting me all things are possible!