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Sophia's 6mth Pictures

My princess is growing up at a pace that seriously should be illegal!!!!! Can you believe that she's 6mths already?! I really need to find or invent a "pause" button!!!!

She is sooo much fun now too. She smiles and giggles a ton! It's the cutest thing. She finds her brother highly amusing and her Daddy makes her smile just by walking in the room.

I took her to the Pedi's office today for her check up and she's weighing in at 18.5lbs and is 26inches long!!!!! Healthy as can be! She's wearing 9 to 12mth clothing and a is a size 3 in shoes.

She's eating homemade baby food, drinking juice, rocking back and forth on all fours, sitting up unassisted, can hold her sippy and actually pulls it up to drink from it, plays with toys and can switch them from hand to hand, rolling everywhere, and at the sound of Mommy's voice she stops... smiles... looks for me.... and right when she sees me... she gives me the BIGGEST gummy smile EVER!!!! She totally ROCKS my world!

I took her 6mth pictures last week... here they are! I hope you enjoy them!


The Mazliach's said...

Seriously Jen, you have a true gift. I really wish you were near by.... once Devin arrives, I really would love you to photograph him! Maybe we'll have to make a trip to Orlando area. We'll see!!!!!

Nella said...

Love the photos Jennifer! Wish you lived much closer.

Jennifer Terrero said...

Thank you so much ladies. We will have to figure something out. Maybe meet half way? ;-)

Leydi said...

You are awesome with the camera!! So Fab, I just want to reach into my screen and squeeze Sophia's cheeks. Too cute!!!!

smott said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful babies! Wish you lived closer so you could take my kids' pics!

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