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Labor with BC

In honor of my new nephew I decided to go back and take a look at the pictures of the birth of my babies. While I was holding my nephew today it brought back so many memories of when my babies were "that" little. God... it feels like centuries AGO!!!

I pulled up my labor story from my old blog and BOY I have to tell you that my whole body clinge as I re-read it. I can still close my eyes and feel all the emotions I was feeling that day. It's still very close to my heart BUT I will tell you... he was totally worth EVERY bit of it and if I had to do it again today... I wouldn't hesitate... I would ask when and what time.

For those of you who haven't read BC's birth story I will warn you... I go into DETAIL with the WHOLE thing... so beware. ;)

Here is the post from my old blog:

Labor Events:

7:14pm... Got to the hospital and checked in

7:40pm... My sister Loraine arrives and our buzzer went off that they had a room for me

8:20pm... My mom and sister were allowed to come to my room. They only let Carlos back while I got into the "fashionable gown"... they give you and they started my IV.

9:20pm... They started the pitocin

10:15pm... still at 4cm with contractions that I could handle... nothing major so they tried to break my water... it didn't happen though... Jennifer couldn't get a hold of it even though half her body was inside of me!!!! I swear I saw colors that don't even exist!

11:19pm... Jennifer came back in and tried again to break my water... FINALLY!!!!! We got it. Contractions pick up right away... OMG... I knew it could happen fast but I honestly didn't think it could happen THIS fast. They were painful but I was trying to breath through them.

11:28pm... SCREW BREATHING THROUGH THIS CRAP.... GET ME SOME PAIN MEDS.... NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Call me a punk all you want... HECK.... I've even told you I was a punk!!! There is NO SHAME in my game.

12:15am... At last... some pain meds.... it feels like that commercial on T.V. the one for some yogurt (I think)... where the ladies are sitting on the beach chairs talking about how good it is and they say... it's better then this...no it's better then this... well the epidural is sooooooooo good. It hurts like bloody murder to go in (this was because I was having back to back contractions and and didn't have time to breath in between them... and the guy putting my epidural was telling me... "you'll only feel a little stick"... HA!!!!! A little stick.... bull crap!) Okay back to the subject... ;) I was able to freaking breath with the epidural in... I even get some rest while my mom, sister, and Carlos were playing cards.

3:40am... I wake up with this EXTREME pain!!!! WTF??????? Isn't that why I got this BIG OLE NEEDLE down my back!!!!!! My nurse comes in to check me and I'm 7 to 8cm only. She's asking me if what I feel is pain or pressure... HOW THE HECK I'M I SUPPOSE TO KNOW!!!!!!!! I've NEVER been in labor before and all I can tell you is that I feel like I need to POOP!!!!! My nurse calls in the anesthesiologist cause "apparently" I'm NOT suppose to be feeling any pain... WELL GUESS WHAT PEOPLE... I'm in SERIOUS PAIN HERE!!!!!! She runs some more medication to see if that helps me and NOPE... not even a little bit. Now somewhere in between here I start to push... they wanted to see how I would do with pushing and if that would help me dilated faster.

5:05pm... got checked again and was 9cm... now my nurse and the anesthesiologist still haven't left my room cause they are STILL trying to figure out what the heck happen to the epidural medication. So this whole time I'm in PAIN and I have to BREATH through these contractions!!!! Now.... can someone PLEASE SHOW ME where I stated that I wanted to try a "natural" labor... cause that WASN'T ME... somebody better do something quick cause I'm about to DIE here!!!! The lady puts so much meds in my epidural that it's now to the point where they put for people who are going to have a c-section.... and I'm still feeling EVERYTHING!!!! Of course by this point I'm SERIOUSLY crying my eyes out and telling these DAMN people to take this KID OUT OF ME!!!!! I even gave them permission to use a vacuum!!!! I'm not even kidding... I really did. My poor husband is standing there to my right holding my hand the ENTIRE TIME helping me to breath and stay focus. Don't ask me how I had the courage or the strength but I was able to breath through them (with tears in my eyes and boogers in my nose) just looking at his sweet face. He even took some breaths with me to help me out. (Side note: I just LOVE my husband!!!!!!!)

5:40pm... At this point I'm DONE and the baby isn't even out yet! They start to take the catheter out so I can really push the baby out... (inside thought to myself... THEN WHAT THE HECK HAVE I BEEN DOING ALL THIS TIME... I THOUGHT IT WAS TO GET HIM OUT!!!!!!! HOLY MOTHER... THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE GOOD!) Another side note: Pushing... I can tell you right now is the HARDEST THING you will EVER have to do.... I'm not lying and I'm sorry if I am going to scare you... but....I swear I NEVER had to work so hard in my life. Back to the story... I had gotten the mirror (my friend suggested it) to see if it will help me with pushing... you know the whole "seeing it will make it easier to do" thing... and we started pushing.... All I remember was pain... pushing... crying... telling them to GET HIM OUT.... and then the cycle would start all over again.

Okay... here is where I go into extreme detail... so beware

At one point (this was very close to when he was coming out) I looked at my bottom in the mirror and what I saw was just NOT A PRETTY SIGHT... my butt was completely inside out... I'm talking about... I had NO BUTT HOLE... my hemorrhoids were sooooooo bad that I had what looked like grapes instead of a butt hole. Now lets talk about the vayjayjay... aww... I remember the good ole days... which I don't ever think I will see again... I had ripped the top portion and the bottom portion was cut TWICE!!!!!!!!! And I felt it ALL!!!!!!!!!! I knew they were going to cut me so I made sure not to look and to close my eyes cause if I would have saw it and felt it... it was NOT going to be good. Feeling it was just enough... thank you.

Then here is where my story gets ugly.... I'm going to forewarn you that if you are pregnant and your reading this... you might want to stop here. Don't say I didn't give you a warning...

At this point Jennifer realizes that something isn't right... I can see it in her face and in the face of the nurse... I'm trying really hard NOT TO PANIC... and continue doing what I was told but I couldn't help notice what was going on. In a matter of a few seconds... I had my midwife, the nurse, my mom, and Carlos pushing on my tummy... while I was pushing down below... we HAD to get the baby out NOW!!!! His head was coming out side ways which isn't normal (no wonder it took me FOREVER to get him out)... as they all are pushing on my tummy, Jennifer is literally trying to turn my baby's head while he's coming out so I'm feeling TONS of pain, I'm trying really really hard to push him out but honestly I'm so tired and out of steam that I'm not really doing a good job at it at all. I'm watching ALL of this through this mirror and at this point I had to close my eyes... I knew that if I kept looking I would throw up and start to hyperventilate cause I could see what they were doing to my poor baby to get him out. I just couldn't loose it just yet.... I NEEDED to get him out!!!

I was able to get the top of his head out but he's forehead, eyes, nose, mouth and chin are still inside of me... and this is NOT good... He was drinking A LOT of fluid that he shouldn't have been drinking. Finally the head comes out cord wrap around his neck... Jennifer swoops in quickly and removes the cord... you would think that by now I'm in the safe zone right? WRONG... Now he's shoulders are stuck so I have to find force from somewhere and really push him out. Don't ask me how I did it but next thing I know... my baby was on my belly and I just looked at Carlos and we both start crying!!!!

Carlos Manuel Terrero was born at 6:49am... He was 6lbs 130z 20inches long... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY BABY!!!!!!!!!

They take him right away to check him out... Carlos, my mom, and sister all run to his side and start to take pictures. I'm laying on the bed... thinking that it can only get easier from here on out right... yeah no... easy wasn't written for me. Jennifer starts to sew me up and I'm feeling EVERYTHING. I'm in sooo much pain and my bottom is soooo MESSED up... she was there for a good 45 minutes trying to put things back in some type of shape.

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