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Sophia turns 7mths old

My baby girl turned 7mths on the 6th of this month (I know I'm a little behind) and I cant believe how fast it's going. By 7mths she had 2 teeth already!!!!! It's crazy!!!!

She's taking 8oz of milk (BC never got to this amount) and eats baby food for lunch and dinner. She's wearing 12mth clothing and can fit into some 9mth dresses. She doesn't crawl yet but she is a pro at doing the army crawl. I really don't think she'll be crawling either... she's all about pulling herself up on things or trying to stand up!!! I'm sure a lot of it has to do with trying to play with BC since he rocks her world.

Princess Sophia is ALL ABOUT HER DADDY!!!! It's soooo cute (well not all the time since I feel like chop liver sometimes but still VERY cute). You should see the way her face LIGHTS up at the sight of her Daddy. OMG... she goes crazy and wants to "jump" off my lap to get to him. Carlos MUST come to her and take her right away because if not he gets a stare down until he finally comes over. LOL!!! Even when I have her and Carlos is walking around in plain sight, she's catching whoop lash trying to see exactly what her Daddy is doing and smiles at him ALL the time! And Carlos.... FORGET IT... he LOVES it!!! Every last bit of it... he's always saying "out loud" how she's his princess and how much she loves him.

I can not begin to tell you how blessed I truly feel to have her in my life. She was the BEST surprise I could EVER ask for. She's so gentle and sweet. Her soul is pure and soft. She will melt your heart in a second!

Sophia... my sweet sweet baby girl... Mommy loves you as high as the sky and as deep as the ocean. Happy 7mths My Princess!!!

Finally a picture of her two teeth!!! :)

and I have this HUGE fascination with leg warmers like you couldn't imagine!!!! But how can I not... look how FREAKING ADORABLE they look on her!!!!!

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