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Sophia turns 9mths

On Wednesday my daughter Sophia turned 9mths old. The time is going by so fast and I cant seem to catch my breath. She is the joy of my life. My goodness... the love I have for her is so overwhelming that it actually leaves me breathless sometimes.

She's into everything these days especially following her brother! Where ever he is... you are sure to find Sophia. LOL!!! She can walk perfect with her walker (the ones you hold onto), she's all about eating big people food, she knows how to wave bye-bye, she can clap, and yesterday she started to say her first word... MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's been babbling on and off for a while now and has said Mama and Papa a couple of times but I didn't want to "count it" just yet until she was saying it more frequent... and yesterday she was saying it ALL day long. Guess what I heard in the monitor this morning when she woke up.... :) Mama!!! I don't think I ever ran in there so quick... I'm sooo proud!!!!

I have already started planning her birthday party... can you believe I only have 3mths before she turns ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

My sweet girl... words cant express how much I LOVE you!!!! Happy 9mths Sophia!

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