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Happy Thanksgiving - CYBER Monday Sale | Personal

The BIGGEST sale of the year is here!!!!! You don't want to miss out because I wont be doing another sale for a while!

Who wants to start off the New Year with some GREAT photos at a FABULOUS price???? Here is what is up for grabs!

ONE lucky winner will win 75% off the total price (not including prints)

TWO lucky winners will win 50% off the total price (not including prints)


THREE lucky winners will win $50.00 worth of PRINTS!

Here is how it's going to work...

On Cyber Monday (Nov. 29th) at 10am I'll start the sale on my FB Fan Page. If you are not a fan of the fan page I have a tab at the top of the blog which you can click on it and it will take you straight there or you can click here Jennifer Terrero Photography FB Fan Page once your on the page you'll click "Like" at the top and your all set!

Here are the rules in order to WIN:

1) These discounts are for shoots booked and TAKEN on January 8, 2011 through June 30, 2011! Winner must live in the Central Florida area or BE in the area around that time frame.

2) I will post a status update like this (example post):

Cyber Sale has started! If you would like to win 75% off, please comment below! You have an hour to comment!

Under THAT post you can comment anything like (example post): "Me", "Pick Me", "I want to win", etc.. Doesn't have to be any of those but you MUST comment under that status post in order to be put in the drawing. ONE comment per person please! I will leave the post up for the amount of time the status post says and then do the drawing through Random.Org. I will announce the winner when the time is up so you'll find out if you won right away!!!!!

3) The name of the lucky winner will be posted on the fan page and notified via FB and email. The winner has till the end of THE business day (9pm) to send me 50% non-refundable deposit amount of the prize they won. So if you win here are the deposit amounts:

75% off - $18.75

50% off - $37.50

$50 off prints - you'll use this coupon code CYBER$50

If I don't hear from the winner by 9pm then I will randomly select another winner. I am willing to work with all my winners so please just contact me so you don't loose your prize!

4) Once the time is up on one prize and the winner is selected I will move on to the next prize.

5) This will go on for a good part of the day and I will try to make sure I give enough time so that everyone can play.

6) These prizes can be used for ANY session... Maternity, Newborn, Birthday's, Engagement, Family, Valentine, Boudoir, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day, etc... the list goes ON!!!!!!! You pick what you'll like and I'll help you make it happen! :)

Let's make this fun and exciting! I look forward to seeing your comments and seeing who the lucky winners are!!! Please remember in order to qualify you must comment under the status post of the giveaway! Be on the look out you don't want to miss out on this!!!!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!! Have a fun and safe holiday!

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