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The "A" Family | Family Shoot

This family was such a sweet one. They were all about posing and giving me these great big smiles. I felt so bad though... it was FREEZING this day... and with LOTS of wind. I asked them a couple of times if they wanted to take a break to warm up cause they were shaking and my fingers were getting numb! LOL!!!!

But we all hung in there and I'm glad we did because I LOVE the way these turned out!

Can you believe this is Mom and Dad??? Mom is stunning and Dad is so handsome! I love how in love they still are!!!!!

Daughter Melissa and husband Rane... seriously how adorable are they!?!?!

The Family

Son Carlos and wife Kendra... they are sooooooo cute together!

I was SO EXCITED to take the below pictures... Melissa just found out she having a baby so of course we had to do something cute and fun wtih it! :)

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