Hey guys, welcome to my blog! This is where you will see my most recent work as well as what's going on in my life, crazy path down Mommy-hood, and what's going through my mind and in my heart. My goal is to share something REAL... true life whether it be through my pictures or just sharing with you my day to day thoughts (which by the way goes a million miles a minute and is always coming up with crazy, new, fun ideas). So kick back, take you time, grab some snacks (Swedish fish is my favorite), stay a while and feel free to come in and leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by!


I know it's been forever since I've posted and told you all about my beautiful babies! Time is flying by and I feel like I'm just trying to soak it all in!

Life feels like it's been on the "speed" button. I feel like everywhere I look something new is happening or needs to be done. I miss my almost daily post about my thoughts, crazy family, ideas, and experiences so I'm happy to get back at it... keeping my fingers crossed!!!

So lets get started!

My babies... Carlos Manuel...

Oh... my sweet sweet boy! He is getting so big... I sit back and watch him and cant believe the BIG BOY he is turning into. His soul is still the sweetest thing ever. He looks after his sister SO MUCH, it's seriously incredible... Like a little boy his age shouldn't know how to do the kind of stuff he does. We cant go into a store or anywhere with out his "Fia". Or Mommy cant just get him something because he runs and finds the most girlish thing he sees or the pink version of whatever I'm getting him and says "Mama Fia's". He's constantly telling me how much he loves me and how pretty I am... seriously if that doesn't just make your heart melt I don't know what will!!!! He has started saying a LOT of new words recently. It's like everyday that goes by he knows a new one. He still shy when it comes to other people or someone he doesn't know but even that is starting to get better. Oh and he has been fully potty trained for a while!!!! I'm super impressed with how well he did with it and how easy it was to potty train him. We just got him his first new bike (well technically the Easter bunny got it for him ;-) ) and he is soooo excited about it. He is now getting into small little action figures and watching him play with them is so weird... like he actually KNOWS what he's doing! It's so cute! My son is truly an amazing little boy!

Princess Sophia...

Where do I even begin... she's such a little DIVA!!!! Boy are we in BIG trouble with this one... LOL!!! She's 1 going on 21!!!! LOL!!! She's a VERY smart little girl. She knows exactly who to melt with her Grey eyes and sweet smile! Daddy is just wrapped all over her little finger... it's seriously quite the picture between those too. Her Daddy is just her world. When she's in trouble guess who she runs too with the guilty face????? ;) She such an independent little girl. She knows how to put her shoes ON and after she's dressed I'll say to her "Sophia you look so beautiful" and she smiles at me and then goes running to her Daddy to show him... LOL!! She's such a trip! She LOVES LOVES LOVES her brother to death too... you should see how sad she is when she cant find him or she's not around him... her face LIGHTS up when she finally sees him BUT... she LOVES LOVES to bug him too. She loves to be the center of attention so if he's playing quietly by himself she'll go over to him and either take the toy away from him, hit him to get his attention, or try to sit on his lap... LMAO!!! She's so mean but in the cutest way. That smile of hers gets her out of trouble all the time and Mommy has NO idea what she's going to do with her. ;) A few weeks ago I had a complete anxiety attack and cried my eyeballs out just watching her because she's NOT this little baby I try to "pretend" she is... she's actually SUCH a big girl. She's into purses, babies, jewelry, and her carriage now. She walks around all day with her baby and purse. When you ask her where she's going she says "Bye bye"... LOL!!! Her vocabulary is incredible for a 15mth old.... Carlos wasn't saying half the stuff she does at this age! Her words are... Gracias, bye bye, bird, ball, mas, Daddy, Mama, Papa, and dog. I love watching her grow... but my favorite time of all is our night routine. I sit in the rocking chair with her and we just cuddle the entire time. She'll touch my face with the softest touch while looking at me like she's taking mental notes of her Mama. I of course give her a ton of kisses and hold her super close while I tell her just how special she is and how much we LOVE her! She is definitely our Princess and just a RAY of PURE SUNSHINE! The minute you meet her... you just cant help but fall in love with her!

My Dear Husband...

He has had a few hard weeks... he got a promotion at work and has been going through quite the training. Seriously... it's super tough and I'm so proud of him and what he is doing for our family. He works long hours and comes home super tired but loves to sit on the couch with me and talk about all the amazing things this will do for us, our babies, and our family. We do miss him a ton during the week since I'm basically a "single Mom" but this is a good thing! I hope he knows how PROUD we are of him and just how much we LOVE him!


I can SEE the light at the end of the tunnel! I'm still taking classes to finish up my Master's degree but I'm almost done!!!!!!!! I have about 4 classes left and I'm ALL DONE!!! I should be done at the end of this year.... Woohoo!!!!!!!!! I will say that these classes are KILLING me... they are hard and have soooooooo much work that needs to get done it's craziness!

1st full time job...

My full- time job as an HR Manager is going great. LOTS of work to do since I'm recreating the WHOLE HR department. I work for an internet marketing company that had all of their employees working remotely and decided to bring everything in house. I'm super excited that I get the opportunity to actually set things up and put policies and procedures in place! So far so good! :)

The business...

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I'm super happy and cant thank all of my clients enough for working with me and all the changes I've had to do since I started the full time job! I love that I'm getting inquiries pretty much everyday for new shoots and ideas! I also have my first weddings booked!!!!!!! TWO weddings at that! :) They aren't till next year but I'm working closely with both brides to make their engagement and wedding photos more personalized and more about them! I love doing that! I love actually telling their stories behind my pictures! I have some new babies I'm waiting on too and I cant wait. Cuddling with a new baby is just fabulous! :) I'm truly blessed to be doing what I really love!

I've been thinking about a LOT of stuff lately for my business. When I first started I mentioned "giving back to the community" and those are the plans I'm working on now. :) I have something up my sleeve that is actually going to be pretty soon (which I cant wait to share) and some other things that I still need to figure out more in depth but I promise once I have some more info I'll share more details with you all! :) Just think "giving back" ;)

So that's about it... like that wasn't enough right? ;) I'll be posting more often I promise. :)

Thank you again to all my family, friends, clients, and everyone else who has continued to show me unconditional support throughout this amazing journey that I pray and hope will only grow and grow!

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