Hey guys, welcome to my blog! This is where you will see my most recent work as well as what's going on in my life, crazy path down Mommy-hood, and what's going through my mind and in my heart. My goal is to share something REAL... true life whether it be through my pictures or just sharing with you my day to day thoughts (which by the way goes a million miles a minute and is always coming up with crazy, new, fun ideas). So kick back, take you time, grab some snacks (Swedish fish is my favorite), stay a while and feel free to come in and leave a comment. Thanks for stopping by!

Some Answers

When I started this journey a WHILE back I did a LOT of research. I'm talking about staying up really late (way past my bedtime) just going from photography blog to photography website and so on (I actually still do this). I found a lot of things that I really liked and a lot of things that seemed sort of "dry" to me.

If your wondering "where" I'm going with this... let me explain...

I've gotten some questions as to WHY I'm combining this photography blog with my personal blog instead of just keeping this one separate. Here is why...

From the beginning my readers/followers... actually anybody who knows me, knows I'm a very personal and vocal when it comes to the things I love in life. You have known me to express my frustrations and sadness going through infertility, I have share with you all what it meant to me to FINALLY get pregnant with my son, the joys he's given me for almost 2yrs (cant believe he's going to be TWO soon!!!!!), having a SURPRISE pregnancy shake my whole world, and now what life has been to have 2 under 2!!!!

I want to keep that same personal relationship with you all through my photography. I want my clients, readers, and followers to know me for who I am AND for my work. I want them to know that I've been through the same thing they have. That I'm a Mommy too so I totally understand meltdowns and tantrums. I understand poop and peeing all over the place. I understand having a bad hair day or just having a bad day for that matter. I want to get to know my clients for who they are as well. I want to see through their eyes and see what they see... that love for your spouse and children... that wonder of "who" is that little baby growing inside your belly... that excitement of one of your most important days of your life like when you say "I do"... I want to see the love in your eyes.

My children are my inspiration and looking at pictures of them, takes me back to that same moment in time and makes me relive the memory of "how" or "what" happened when I got that "shot". I want to be able to capture that same thing for my clients and I don't think having a cold cut dry relationship with them is going to achieve that. I want our shoot to be personal, fun, but still very professional.

Who knows... maybe my clients, readers, and/or followers have some tricks up their sleeves that I had no idea about and vise versa.

Photography to me is so much like life and Mommy hood. It's all about "MEMORIES" and pressing that "PAUSE" button we all LONG for and WISH we had.

So as part of my work, you'll get to know me and my family. You'll see a lot of my kids and what's going on with them. I hope that this doesn't pull you away from me but brings you closer.

I want to be known as a FANTASTIC photographer but I also want to be known as a FABULOUS Mommy!

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