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Sophia's Baptism

This past Saturday, my daughter got baptized and it couldn't have gone better. I will always cherish these special moments I have recorded in my mind. The day was beautiful... my daughter was BEYOND beautiful... we had family and friends there to support us... what else is needed!

To Sophia's Godparents... We couldn't have picked anybody better. Thank you for making my daughter's day even more special.

Thank you to everyone for the special wishes and for joining us even if it was only in mind and spirit.

God Bless you my SWEET SWEET BABY GIRL!!!

BC didn't want anything to do with taking pictures for me that day. :-( He was all about running around and playing but I still caught this image and thought it was FABULOUS!

Mommy and her Princess

Daddy and his baby girl

Sophia and her Padrino (Godfather) Danny

and with her Madrina (Godmother) Gloria


Sarah said...

Love the pictures!! Sophia is so precious!

Jennifer Terrero said...

Thank you Sarah!

The Mazliach's said...

Jen - Wow.. what amazing beautiful pictures. I just love the pureness in Sophia's Eyes that you managed to capture! God Bless Sophia and your family!

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