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Day 2

When I look at this picture, my heart smiles because it reminds me of happiness, bright, summer time, life, dreams.... I love how the simple things we see on a day to day basis can make such a huge impact in our lives without us even noticing it. Have you ever just sat at a park looking at the beauty around you? Or even on the beach just watching and hearing the ocean??? If you haven't I highly suggest it. It's sooooo peaceful!!!!
I like to sit and just watch. I like to dream and let me dreams go as far as they can. I have a HUGE imagination so you would be surprised where my mind will take me. I sometimes (well a LOT of the times) sit and watch my babies play together and think to myself how truly wonderful it is to be able to actually sit back and embrace this time because we all know how quickly it goes by. Another thing I can do forever is watch the sky change color or sit on the beach just listening to the waves.
I try really hard to soak in all these beautiful moments in life because I don't want days to go by and feel like I missed out on something special. So take a moment and smell the flowers, stop to watch something that catches your eye, or pick up your baby and tell them how much you love them.

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