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My Handsome Boy

Where do I even start with this sweet boy that has stolen my heart in so many ways I cant even begin to express???? He is the LOVE of my LIFE!!!! Pure joy... when I look at him I get those tiny little butterflies in my tummy of the overwhelming PRIDE I have to be his Mommy!!!!

He has made me forget the pain I went through to conceive him. Honestly... it's such a distance memory that I MUST tell all those Mama's out there trying for their baby... "I know it's SUCH a HARD LONG road to go through... and I know you have heard this a BILLION times before... but I'm here to confirm it... it's TOTALLY WORTH EVERY SINGLE MOMENT... I PROMISE!!!!". There is NO greater joy!

This little boy changed me completely from the moment I found out he was growing in my tummy. Giving birth to him was NOT an easy task and even the after math was NO WHERE near the "happy ending" I thought it was going to be but if I had to do it all over again right now... I WOULD... no ifs or buts!

He makes the room light up with his gorgeous smile and those dimples.... OMG... tooo die for!!!!!!!!!! It has been MY honor to be apart of his life and watching him grow and become this independent little man has been incredible. At times... well a LOT of times I wonder "who" this BIG boy is.

I will say though... no matter how "BIG" he has gotten and how much he wants to do things on his own he STILL LOVES his Mama and will cuddle with me at ANY time of the day. He will still look for me with the corner of his eye just to make sure he can "see" Mama and then he'll continue to do what he was doing. It makes me feel like a MILLION bucks!

My biggest proudest moment as his Mommy happened this past weekend when my son FINALLY uttered the words I've been waiting all my life to here... "LUB YOU Mama".

Carlos Manuel (what I call him)...

Thank you for loving Mama in the special way you do. Thank you for all the cuddles you give me all day long. Thank you for the random kisses you give me that always make my day that much better. Thank you for filling up my days with plain ole sweet happiness!!! I love you sooooooo much my sweet boy!!!!!!


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