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Catching up


I know it's been a while since I've blogged... so sorry! Things have been CRAZY here at home. So we got back from our Miami trip and BC and Sophia were both sick. I took them both in to the Pedi's office and BC got his 1st ear infection EVER and Sophia has a viral infection. :( My poor babies have not been feeling good at all. Just imagine it's been TWICE the whine. Let's not mention that Sophia is ALSO teething... :(

Mama hasn't been getting lots of sleep since I've been up with them all night long so the bags under my eyes... yeah... not cute!

BUT... LOTS of fun things have been going on as well. This month my baby boy turned 23mths old!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you freaking believe that in less then a month my son will be TWO!!!!!!!!!!! (tear, tear)

So we have been really busy getting things ready for his birthday party. The invitations have been done and mailed out, cupcake toppers are still in the making but should be done by Tuesday. Next I have to make his birthday shirt, figure out the games, get the favors all done, etc... The list goes on!!!! :)

I've also been getting some projects crossed off my list. I got some hats done that I've been wanting to get done in a while and I'm quite pleased with the way they turned out. I'm no pro but I think they turned out really good for a beginner! :)

My calendar for the next coming months is getting pretty booked! Next weekend we have Joah's birthday party and I finally get to hold baby Mabel and take her newborn pictures! I'm so excited and cant wait to meet her in person!

Then to work on my next project which involves my sewing machine!!!!!! Wahoo!!!!!!!! Oh... and I have my fall session sales that will be going up VERY soon!

See.... LOTS and LOTS of things going on here. I can't wait to share them with you all!!!!

Here are some pictures of the hats I made:

How freaking cute is my son!

Cookie Monster Hat

So cute!

It's Elmo!

and of course my BEAUTIFUL Princess modeling Maddy's hat

Maddy's hat

Heehee... Monkey stepped in to model this one for me since it was size 0-3mths, this is for Baby Mason

the top of it with the brim

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