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Blog Changes Part 1

I woke up with a BIG smile on my face this morning because I remembered how FABULOUS my blog is looking.... :) Remember Maria from Slice of Life Photography who helped me set up this entire blog... well she's been at it again! She's truly AMAZING... she's in her 3rd trimester and still took the time to help me make a few changes I wanted to make. Seriously... how FABULOUS is she?!?!?! ;-)

I contacted her a few days ago and asked her if she would mind helping me out again and she didn't' even think about it twice and said YES! When I first got this template it came with a slide show at the top but I didn't want to use it right away until I felt like I had something good to actually share and put up there.... the time has come... :) I also wanted to make the menu bar a little more user friendly because it was hard to figure out where the "labels" were if you were looking for something specific so I had her change that as well.

I know I've already said this before but she's pretty AWESOME... she did everything within a DAY!!!!

Maria... can I just tell you how much I love you??? ;) Seriously... I cant THANK you enough for always being so willing to help me out. THANK YOU... you are the BEST!!

I still have one more change I would like to get done to the blog (which I'm waiting to hear back) but I figure I would show it off now until I get the other part done. :) I hope you all really enjoy the new look I'm aiming for and find it to work a lot better!



smott said...

Love the slide show at the top!

Jennifer Terrero said...

Thank you!

Michelle said...

love it!!!! those are my babies:))))) I'm sooo happy that you could do both of our photo shoots for us!!!!

Jennifer Terrero said...

YES!!!! So happy you got to see your babies... I just HAD to put them up there. :)

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