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Carlos Manuel turns TWO!!!!!!!!

Two years ago on October 14th, 2008 my son was born. He changed my life in a way that I cant even begin to explain. I struggled to get pregnant with him and went through many ups and downs to get him here BUT he was worth it all and MORE!

His birthday party was on Saturday and we had sooooooo much fun. He LOVED it all!!! As much as I was entertaining our guest and playing games with all the kids... I would find myself staring at my son because the pure joy that was shining through his face just made my day and warmed my heart!!!

On Sunday (we had a busy weekend) we went to go take his 2yr old pictures and boy was it a challenge. He had a blast at the location but wanted to play instead of taking pictures. LOL!!! I think the day turned out pretty good though. :)

This little boy will steal your heart away with just one smile. I feel truly BLESSED to be called his Mommy.

Happy Birthday My Sweet Boy!!!!

My little rock star


smott said...

WOW! Those are some awesome photos! I wish I could have you near me. I went to a local chain to get my son's 2 year photos and walked out 15 minutes later with nadda, they annoy me to no end...you have an extraordinary talent for sure.

Jennifer Terrero said...

Thank you sooo much!!! Let me know if your ever in town. :)

smott said...

Do you happen to know of anyone that has helped you out during your research that is in the Portland area of Oregon? I would like to find someone like you that can do a more personal session and warm up to my kids (my son is VERY hard to photograph right now and I can't pry him off my neck! :-)), but I have no idea where to start or how I could get a good refferal.

Jennifer Terrero said...

Hey! I really dont know anyone in that area but Maria who helps me with the blog has a list on her website of other Photographers and she has some for your area... here is the link... just scroll down to see your area and check out their work. Good luck!


Michelle said...

He is soooo handsome! You could fall into those dimples:) I love the cars spelling out 2, so different!

Jennifer Terrero said...

Thank you Michelle!

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