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Carlos Manuel and Sophia | Personal

My babies.... what can I say.... time is going by so fast but as every day goes by I make sure I take it in as much as I can. Even the days where Carlos refused to listen and Sophia decides smacking Mommy is just so much fun.

Sophia is now 10mths old!!! She's soooo close to turning ONE it's unbelievable! I still remember the day I found out I was pregnant with her... I was white as a ghost... freaking out with tons of emotions flowing through my mind and body. I remember thinking... "What am I going to do???" and now I think to myself... "How did I ever live without her?" She completes me in ways I didn't even know I needed. She's the sweetest baby girl you'll ever run into but has a feisty side. She's ALL GIRL... Drama Queen x1000! But she will totally give you this look that will erase everything she just did in a second and make you forget why you were even mad at her.

She's been teething pretty bad and has a totally of 6 teeth in right now with another 3 working there way out. She doesn't eat baby food anymore (well she hasn't for a while now) and is on full grown people food expect for her "leche" which I think she's trying to give me signs that she's over that too since I see her drinking Carlos sippy all the time. LOL!!!

She's IN LOVE with her Daddy like you couldn't imagine. He is the light of her eyes... you SHOULD see the look on her face when she sees him. Even when she's doing something silly or something she's NOT suppose to be doing she'll look for her to make sure he's watching her and then she'll do it. Like... "Daddy, look at me... can you see me... Daddy see how cute I am!"... LOL!!! It's sooooo adorable. He's got his little girl and I have my Princess that I can dress up and go shopping with. Oh... how I can wait to play tea parties with her! <3 Her brother is her world as well. She thinks he's the funniest person EVER!!!!!! Seriously... she laughs at EVERYTHING he does. I'm not talking about your regular giggle... I'm talking about that laugh that melts your heart and makes you laugh with her... THAT ONE! She follows him around ALL DAY long!!! My son...

Carlos Manuel... oh he holds my heart. He is such a BIG boy! I can totally count on him to help me out with anything even with things around the house. He loves to help clean, take the dishes out of the dishwasher, load the soap in, sweep, etc. He will even help change Sophia's diaper! I still sometimes say to myself... OMG... I have a TWO year old... when did that happen!!! He takes care of Sophia all the time. When she falls he will kiss her "booboo" and hit whatever caused her to get hurt. He also pushes her around sometimes but if she ends up crying he gives "Fia" besos. He LOVES to dance with her and let me tell you... that just has to be the most AMAZING thing to watch. He grabs her by the hands and guides her. She just looks up to him with this BIG cheese smile. OH... and he walks with her... just around the house but still... sooooo adorable! They just walk hand and hand everywhere around the house like they have this whole thing figured out. I swear I wish I could read their thoughts when they do stuff like that.

What more can I say... my babies are my WORLD. I'm in AWE of them everyday. I'm SO proud to be called their Mama!

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