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Happy Anniversary | Family Shoot

Where do I begin??? This family brings a big smile to my face when I think about them.

It was Pablo and Teresa's 23yr wedding anniversary and their kids decided to surprise them with a family shoot since they knew their Mom really wanted some pictures done. I was super excited to go along with the surprise since even though they are family we don't get to see them often at all (by the way... let's change that!).

Last Friday we all went to eat dinner at their house and you should have seen Mia (her daughter) and I sneaking every chance we got to talk about the shoot. LOL!!!! Teresa had NO IDEA considering she had called me the day before to book a session and I told her I was "completely booked". ;) Even while at dinner Teresa would come up to me and say:

"Would December work for you?"
Me: "I'm all booked, but let me see what I can do"

Teresa was totally giving me the "look" like... "Seriously"... LOL!!! I felt so bad but was so excited that, that night her kids were going to surprise her and finally tell her about the shoot. On our way home from leaving their house I got a phone from Teresa saying "You PUNK!".... LOL!!! Teresa was SO EXCITED!!!

So on Sunday we met up at 10am and weren't done till 5pm!!!!! I must say we did have a fabulous 2hr lunch in between (Thanks Pablo again for lunch!) and although it took the whole day... I would do it again in a heart beat. I cant even tell you how much fun I had with them! They were all so willing to get in ANY pose I would put them in and even gave ME ideas of what different things we could do!

If I had to sum up that day only using one word I would say it was a BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Carlos and I left with big smiles on our faces and when we think back... we STILL smile!

Pablo, Teresa, Mia, Felipe, Danny, Rachel, and Christian THANK YOU SO MUCH for the wonderful dinner on Friday night and for giving me such a WONDERFUL memory of my 1st BIG group! You guys ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

To Pablo and Teresa... Happy Anniversary of 23yrs!!!!! I can only hope and pray to one day be like you guys. The love you both have for each other is inspiring! You and your family have a special place in my heart!

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