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Project 52 - 1/52 1/52 | Personal

With the New Year here I thought it would be cool to start a new project (like I need to add anything else to my plate right???... but hey... craziness keeps me sane in some ways... LOL). Last year I tried to do Project 365 where you take a picture everyday but that was just to hard to keep up with so this year I'm going to try Project 52.... it's a lot easier since it's a picture a week!

I will say these pictures will range from a subject/theme to something personal to me. I'm excited. I cant wait to see what the final project will look like. I will post my pictures on Wednesday of every week! :)

So let's start the first theme was "Newness"... so I went with my daughter's birthday crown.

With the new year here I struggled with both emotions of pure happiness but sadness at the same time. My daughter was turning ONE and the Mommy in me was so sad.... so sad to see my "baby" turning into a "toddler"... this BIG girl that no longer needed her Mommy for everything. Pssshhh... what am I talking about... she's been walking/running since she was 9mths! Okay maybe... just maybe... I've been in denial this whole time but what Mommy doesn't want to press the pause button at one point right???

BUT... I must say... even though I was feeling a bit of sadness I was feeling a TON of joy for her. I look forward to playing tea party and dress up with my sweet girl. I look forward to playing "Mommy" with her babies and most of all I look forward to watching her grow into the MOST AMAZING little girl that she is! So I welcome the new year with OPEN arms, a smile on my face, and my heart ready for more wonderful memories!

The second theme was "Cold"... and when I think of "cold" I think of Winter. I was born and raised in New York so this usually means "snow" but living in Florida that's just not possible. I will say though... we have had some REALLY freezing days here lately. So I got the next best thing... Trees! If you know me... you'll know that I can sit and look at trees all day long especially in the Fall! (so just a note... I'm pretty sure this wont be my last "tree" picture... ;-D)

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