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Fix it Friday

Here is another challenge... iheartfaces another blog I read a lot every Friday host a "Fit-It Friday" picture and allows you to do your own edits to a picture that was taken by one of the members in their community.

I have always looked at all the different edits and decided that starting today I was going to join in on the fun.

Again this picture was not taken by me.

The original picture

Here are my edits:

Just a little pop color

A little soft vintage

and a black and white version

This little boy is seriously just ADORABLE!!!! Let me know your thoughts!!!!


Jen Barnes said...

I love your B&W! The only thing that strikes me about these is that the images are squished a little vertically (or stretched horizontally) to still fit the 2x3 aspect ratio, which makes the boy a little wider/shorter than he is in the original.

Jennifer Terrero said...

Thank you so much for your feedback! I notice that too. I have to fix it... let me go back and play with it. :)

smott said...

The difference is amazing - I love the vintage one. And BTW - your photos are AMAZING!!!! I SOOO wish you lived by me (in Oregon), you are doing an amazing job, you should be proud of yourself. (And just so you know, I having been following you since the October 2008 Baby Center boards. I have a 23 month old boy).

Jennifer Terrero said...

Awww.... thank you so much for following my blog. You are really sweet with your comments. I wish we lived closer too. But keep me posted if you ever come to Florida. :)

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